Our corporate Cuture

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TouchPack- David Group, with a history of over 15 years, we always dedicate to create a homelike environment to our staff. Our team have a bundle of activities every year. We always think work hardly and live happily.


We celebrate our staff’s birthday together. Most of our staff are not Shanghai local, we want to give them warmth through birthday party.

During Children’s Day, we had a nice party together. Everyone’s face was full of happiness and spirit. 

Every year, we try to create a good chance to compete with other companies and give them confidence by this means. We have attended four matches during the past four years and every time, we can obtain the best team and many many medals and rewards. Look at some of the pictures. 

At end of the year, we always have a big celebrating meal and party together. These below pictures were from end of 2016. We had a splendid seafood buffet. Look at the smiles on all faces. We are not only a team, but a happy family!


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