Visiting worldwide every year

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Visiting worldwide every year


In order to maintain good relationship with important clients, every year, our Boss David and CEO Sally will pay a visit to worldwide clients. Since Western Europe and North America are our main markets, they always go to West Europe and North America once every year. During the past several years, their footprints have been marked on more than 15 countries and they had visited more than 100 clients in these regions. Many clients have been in partners with us for more than 13 years. Whether the clients locate at end of the North Pole, or they are in a far island, they can always reach them by planes and by cars. David is a good racing driver and Sally is a very good English speaker. Wherever they go, they can find good clients and make good friends with them.


In Germany April 2015

The clients gave us warmly welcome during our visit.


In Roma Italy 2016  

In Sweden 2016 

We had nice meeting with client’s family. In Norway, 2016. 

In a far island of Norway, 2016. 

In Oslo, Norway 2016. 

In Los Angeles, 2017

In San Diego, 2017

In Florida, USA, 2017

In Washington D.C. Maryland, clients invited us to taste the Maryland crabs. 

Wonderful meal! 

In Montreal Canada, with our old friends cooperated over 13 years! 

This is David, our racing driver. 

This is Sally, our pretty smart CEO. 

Maybe someday, they will come to your door. Look forward to going faraway......


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